‘MUUR’ is not so much a tragic metaphor for the smallness of man as a joint attempt at hope in the face of what threatens to take away our courage In this first production by theatre-maker Floor van Leeuwen (Schwalbe, among others), 16performers spend 2 hours moving towards the back wall of a theatre. With a light step, butalso with determination. Some are young, others quite a bit older. Others still, somewhere inbetween. Each performer runs, steps and jumps at his or her own pace, but above all inunison with the others – in a collective rhythm, as a single billowing body. Along the way, apolyphonic conversation between man and wall unspools. We, the audience, see the walland the backs of the performers. We hear the rhythm of their feet.We feel the energy of thegroup. Sometimes wild, sometimes calm – but always with the same sense ofdetermination